It has been almost a year since I have blogged and during that year there have been a few changes, some minor, and a couple major. Throughout the past year, I have debated with myself about whether or not to delete this blog/online journal I have created. The idea of blogs and bloggers appear blasé to some, egotistical to others and unnecessary to most and I don't want people to think either of those three things about me. I've questioned why people blog, what is the point of it, who is reading it, who is not, and most importantly, who cares or why should anyone care about my blog, that person's blog, or anyone else's. And then I thought that none of that should matter - a person blogs/writes because she/he believes that something needs to be expressed, or that they want to express something: an experience, a moment, a memory, an idea. Whatever form that expression may take, they are allowing a certain amount of vulnerability into who they are. 
People will continually judge and critique me, but I shouldn't let that hinder or affect me, nor should I ever let it define me.
Sometimes people need do-overs, so let's call this a do-over, of sorts.

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